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Company profile

Located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China Lighting Capital, Zhongshan SISRAM Electronic Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise that develops agricultural lighting, R & D, product design, product manufacturing, product installation and sales. Advanced level of high-tech agricultural lighting manufacturers, through years of independent research and development system, combined with the development of modern science and technology agriculture factory. The introduction of plant plants, mushroom factories into research and development issues, in view of different plants and mushrooms affect nursery, plant growth And mushroom light, wavelength of scientific research, and access to a number of national patents, adhering to the company's product advantages, is the world's factory planting, scientific research and cultivation, and crops, vegetables, seedlings of flowers cultivation and cultivation of the major suppliers of lamps and lanterns First, the product line for the LED plant growth light series, LED flower light series, LED edible mushroom light series, LED plant tissue culture light series, edible mushroom / plant growth intelligent controller. In order to provide customers with high quality products and a sense of security, the company constantly innovate and green for the concept of establishing a number of pilot research and development centers, the company from the product selection - technology - quality - price - quality assurance - the total cost-effective lamp to the customer Good service, the company since its founding date, has consistently adhered to the market and customer demand-oriented, the company continued innovation and improve security services is our core competitiveness, the courage to innovate, by virtue of excellent products and excellent service, much Domestic and foreign customers of all ages.

Second, the technical advantages:

(1) LED Plant Lamps bring new sunshine, pollution-free and new energy-saving new energy to plants and vegetables, and fill the fields with crops such as flowers and vegetables in rainy and sunny days. LED plant light energy saving, than the traditional plant growth lamps save 50% to 70% power consumption.

(2) The Company focuses on the smart agriculture interconnection. To this end, the company's R & D team has devoted a great deal of scientific research strength to the technical advantages. The intelligent agricultural field intelligent controller researched and developed independently by our company has achieved considerable success. The introduction of the Internet, smart agriculture, intelligent agricultural site intelligent controllers, mobile phones, computers and intelligent agricultural controller, high-quality user experience, intelligent Internet solutions, superior data visualization technology advantages, the field planting management data in a visual form To users, allowing users to at a glance, the use of agile development, the fastest user needs, plant fill light, but also according to different periods of light intensity, support dimming wavelength, one-click to complete, continue to introduce more intimate for users Of services. To achieve a combination of LED plant growth lights and smart agriculture, energy saving products, environmental protection, efficient and pollution-free.

(3) Combined with modern agriculture, it is equivalent to putting a layer of protective clothing on vegetables and plants and increasing yield and increasing income. In the context of knowledge economy and globalization, the competition among enterprises is not price competition but includes the quality of products , Technological superiority and innovation as well as after-sales service, etc., among which competition in technological advantages is at the core. Technical superiority is the biggest competitiveness of enterprises, and constantly increase research and development efforts to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with well-known domestic institutions, spending huge sums to introduce domestic and foreign technology authorities, postdoctoral, senior engineer and other senior engineering and technical personnel, jointly established R & D center engaged in smart agriculture research. So far, we have always believed that technological superiority is the biggest advantage of a high-tech enterprise.

Third, research and development advantages:

     My company has R & D center for LED plant fill light, LED nursery lights, LED fungi light, the company invested heavily in the purchase of DIY LED packaging equipment, LED testing equipment, stereoscopic microscope, constant temperature electronic heating plate, desktop Intelligent automatic dispensing robot, LED multi-function test machine, a variety of production equipment, production lines and product quality inspection aging medical line, to ensure product quality and stability. Strengthen the company's professional testing in this industry and quality assurance capabilities, attracted a large number of well-known professional customers at home and abroad more attention and recognition. High-paying hired Taiwan optics experts, LED for the field of plants in foreign countries has been very mature, but our R & D team for plant type in China developed a plant-specific growth lamp, so that a more scientific and accurate allocation of resources to save energy while we research and development at the same time A reasonable design more in line with the needs of plant growth, through the Agricultural University Experimental Center vegetable base, met with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhejiang Province, Lishui Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Harbin Agricultural Science Courtyard, Shenyang Agricultural University, Jilin Agricultural University, Shouguang City, China Vegetable Township, a number of vegetable cultivation base to plant growth characteristics, demand for edible mushrooms gradually and scientifically and rationally supporting the best plant light, mushroom growth lamp, for Plant growth and edible fungus factory digital support to provide a green, energy saving, efficient and safe production system for the enterprise energy-saving, efficient and increase production contribution.

Fourth, the advantages of scientific and technological achievements:

     In the study we found that different types of edible fungi, the same type of different stages of growth on the demand for light intensity vary. Mycelium stage of the light demand is minimal, some bacteria need weaker scattered light irradiation, half the light intensity of dark or darkness; light intensity during the formation of mushroom buds such as Pleurotus ostreatus and mushrooms and other similar edible fungi Little effect; fruiting part of mushrooms to adapt to a wide range of light to Flammulina velutipes, for example, the more sensitive, if a reasonable management of light, will play an increasing role in production, we know Flammulina vegetative organs (mycelium) and Reproductive organs (fruiting bodies) composed of two parts, mushroom cultivation is divided into germs, fruiting two major steps, we are for Flammulina velutipes: in different growth stages using alternate fill light: (1) mycelium growth interval: red light + blue (2) Blue light + full range of white light + yellow light of a specific wavelength (3) Post-production without light (4) Increase in yield by 40% - 70%, 8h / d light time per day, for Flammulina can make it 40% - 70%, while shortening the growth time (15 days) and the color is superior to the non-flared Flammulina velutipes, , Colleges and universities Laboratory research institutes, plant tissue culture production. Of course, the conditions can be adjusted according to Flammulina growing season the best proportion of red and blue light, in the mycelium growth, we use a specific wavelength of red and yellow light, intermittent growth in fruiting bodies with full-band white light and the specific wavelength Blue light also has an important role in its growth. While studying Flammulina velutipes, we also studied the light sensitivity of Pleurotus ostreatus at different developmental stages. We found that the demand for light during mycelial growth was almost zero, and we tried separately Green, yellow, orange, red color observation, almost no positive effect, on the contrary other monochromatic light has a certain inhibitory effect. In the sub-entity of primordia differentiation and growth stage, blue light and blue light region have a certain role in promoting. The above phenomenon has become the basis for our research on the management of edible mushroom light. In the process of studying the light habit of edible mushrooms, we have made great achievements in light research. At present, the lighting system that can provide lighting technical support and management for production has been equipped with mature technologies, and the scientific and technological achievements have been effectively transformed so as to achieve a win-win situation for both enterprises and customers.

Fifth, patented technology:

     The company continues to carry out research and development and transformation of technological achievements. The company owns one national invention patent and four national utility model patents. At present, there are several series of patented technologies being applied. Published in domestic and foreign research papers with more than 30 articles, in order to maintain and improve the technological innovation capability of enterprises, access to experts alike. To ensure that our products are legally and effectively protected domestically and internationally. ,

Six, industrial advantages:

      Vegetable plants, fungi essential for the growth of energy sources, light. Vegetable plants rely on light to form photosynthesis, edible mushrooms rely on the physical development stage to form fruiting body development. LED industrialization process, research and development has a series of parameters. As long as the flexibility to change the direction of different parameters can be. Has now mastered the LED plant factory nursery seedlings in the application of principles and key technologies. In other words, with the industrialization of the foundation, LED agriculture and biological applications will be expected to become the LED industry, a new area of development. On plants, fungi photosynthesis, growth and development, morphogenesis and material metabolism have a regulatory role, the light has magical power. Currently in the greenhouse, greenhouse cultivation, fungal growth to make up for the lack of sunlight used in light sources are generally fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamp and incandescent lamp, the spectral energy distribution of these light sources is based on the needs of human light designed and plant growth The required spectrum is not the same as that of the human eye. LED types are rich in wavelength and have ample room for control. They are suitable for plant LED lighting, leaf size, chlorophyll or carotene and vitamin content such as radish, Vegetables in the training process required for lighting control is not the same according to their own preferences to configure different LED lights; sprout cultivation process. Can be achieved through the light adjustment. LED light to reduce the cost of plant cultivation, nursery plant, plant breeding has been an important support for modern agriculture. On the one hand, power saving, the application of this new type of LED light source, can restore the original appearance of plant growth, this LED lamp research there are many extensions of the space, not only to achieve intensive plant production, reduce plant hormones or The use of other chemicals can also be used for the physical control of agricultural pests, the use of specific wavelength LED light source to kill pests; can also be used for animal husbandry, using specific wavelength LED light to promote animal production, reduce disease and reduce Feed additives and the use of hormones and so on. LED industry to bring more than 100 billion yuan space for development, according to the Task Force's calculations, only the plant plant nursery industry, a LED light source provides a huge consumer market. Only a single seedling entrance to reach a huge amount of nearly 10 billion, the domestic annual consumption is even greater, if the factory plant nursery seedlings with LED to replace the traditional electric light source, the one-time total market size will reach 200 billion yuan. Taken together, the market demand for LED plants and edible fungi is growing both at home and abroad, with a bright future.

Seven, quality certification:

      The plant light of our company has passed the ETL certification, which is the most dynamic safety certification mark in North America and has a wide range of recognition and recognition in North America. ETL has appeared more than 100 years. The three letters of the ETL are short for Electrical Testing Labs, founded by Thomas Edison in 1896. ETL certification is the product certification required for exports to the United States and Canada. The ETL mark indicates that the product has been approved by the U.S. NRTL and / or SCC Canada. In addition, the ETL mark further indicates that the manufacturer's production site meets a certain range of standard requirements, and by studying regular factory reviews to ensure consistency. ETL represents innovative, influential, independent and open product testing and rich experience. It is tested to comply with the relevant product safety standards and represents the production plant's acceptance of a rigorous periodic inspection to ensure consistent product quality that can be sold to markets in the United States and Canada. ETL also requires that its production sites have been tested and the applicant agrees to carry out regular follow-up inspection of their factory thereafter to ensure that the product consistently meets this requirement.

Eight, business philosophy management principles

      "Honesty is the foundation of the enterprise, innovation is the source of life and the pursuit of excellence is the eternal goal." Based on our belief in this faith, we insist on meticulous and meticulous workmanship and the mission of producing green and energy-saving products. Uphold the quality of survival, to serve the world's business purposes, "good faith cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win" approach to business, adhere to provide customers with the highest cost-effective LED plant lighting products, a full range of technical support and services.

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